SBE / Local Hiring

The Chase Center and Golden State Warriors Mixed Use Development will serve as a catalyst for economic growth, and provide opportunities for local workers, as well as small/local businesses.

Small Business Enterprise

This project includes a goal of 50% Small Business Enterprise Participation as outlined by the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (“OCII”) of the City and County of San Francisco ( In achieving SBE goals for this Project, First Consideration should be given to companies SBE’s located in the project area, and in the City and/or County of San Francisco.

For additional information on OCII policies and the acceptable business size thresholds, please visit:

OCII will accept certifications for SBE’s (and other small economically disadvantaged businesses including LBE’s, DBE’s, SBE’s, MBE’s, and WBE’s) that meet the thresholds listed above from the following jurisdictions/agencies:

  • City and County of San Francisco – Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (L/DBE)
  • State of California – Small Business Enterprises (SBE)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (Federal/California Unified Certification Program)

Local Workforce Participation

This project includes a goal of 50% Local Hiring as outlined by the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (“OCII”) of the City and County of San Francisco (

For Local the 50% Local Hiring goal, residents must reside in the City or County of San Francisco to count toward achievement of the goal. Local Workforce goals will be calculated as a percentage of total workforce hours (not just the percentage of workforce hours performed by new hires), and will be verified by certified payroll within the City and County of San Francisco.

The Office of Economic and Workforce Development’s CityBuild Academy will serve as a resource partner to support and enforce Local Hiring Goals.

To find more information on CityBuild, please click their link on the following website:

Federal Workforce goals of 25.6% employment of minorities and 6.9% employment of females shall also apply.



Chase Center Training pilot will specifically target individuals from low-income and under served communities, and will help to ensure that more residents are equipped with the education and skills necessary to be successful in the construction industry.

The pilot will address the shortage of skilled labor in San Francisco and will augment the pipeline of skilled workers by providing specific training in high-demand trades. The intensive, trade-specific training will focus on local residents, increase their job-readiness, and support their economic empowerment and upward mobility.

Application Available Now: Click here to Download